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Mizuno Sky Waveknit S1 Running ShoesDesigned for the ultimate adaptive fit with the finest materials, the Sky Waveknit S1 gives you maximum cushioning for a luxurious smooth running experience.

WaveKnit Upper

The Mizuno Sky WaveKnit S1 Running Shoes envelopes your foot in a natural, comfortable knitted upper, specifically designed to adapt to your foots movement without sacraficing performance. The knitted upper is comfortable, breathable, and lightweight, encompassing all the essential elements to create a smooth, distraction free run. A traditional lace system ensure your feet feel locked in and secure whilst the padded tongue comfortably sits against the skin preventing friction and chaffing. The unique wave design gives the shoe a stylish edge meaning you can complete run looking as good as you will feel.

Wave Technology Midsole

Mizuno's iconic wave technology resides in the midsole providing unprecedented cushioning and comfort, thus improving responsiveness and feel adding a new element of resilience to comfort. The U4icX is a unique compound that rides and cushions like a Mizuno's AP+ midsole but is approximately 30% lighter; this light, evolutionary midsole absorbs impact with a higher rebound offering you a highly energised run without compromising comfort. Cloudwave ulta soft technology provides another layer of cushioning; new convex geometry provides a soft, smooth feel that pushes you to go the distance. Operating in the midsole is SmoothRide, which provides an engineering approach to minimise rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition creating the smoothest possible run. The Mizuno Intercool reduces heat and humidity build providing a cool and comfortable run with less distraction and discomfort from unnecessary hot air build up. The Waveknit also features a high-grade removable in-sock that provides premium comfort, cushioning and durability. The Mizuno WaveKnit S1 Running Shoes combine unique and innovative Mizuno technology to ensure you have the most comfortable and smooth run possible allowing you to push yourself to further limits.

X10 Rubber Outsole

An X10 rubber outsole offers both durability and traction enabling longer wear in higher impact areas so you can push yourself to the limits in new terrain with confidence that your Mizuno Waveknit S1 Running Shoes can withstand the elements as much as you. The X10 rubber outsole further supplements traction at heel strike lessening impact placed on the knees and joints, allowing for a comfortable ride as well as optimising gait efficiency; Mizuno Waveknit ensures you remain as durable as your shoes are. Flex grooves promote natural movement from heel to toe ensuring maximum grip and traction without compromising the natural movement of your foot over terrain, so you can step out with assured footing for a confident run, pushing yourself to run harder and faster time and time again.

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